El-Master works on electrical installations on land and at sea. In addition to new building, we do repairs, maintenance and reforms. We have experience in a variety of projects, but common to all of our operations is customer-orientation; we take the customer’s needs and wishes always into consideration.

About our previous work

Today, most of our electric projects are associated with new building and conversions of ships. In addition to electric works on ships we have experience on:

  • Business properties
  • Shopping centres
  • Cafes, restaurants and bars
  • Residences and houses
  • Paper mill
  • Gas stations
  • Hotels and other accommodation real estates
  • Saws and machine workshops
  • And even nuclear power station

In addition to electrical installations our projects have consisted of i.a. assembling automated productions lines, changing electricity meters in several cities, initialization of machinery, construction of back-up systems and systems expansions.